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New Watches Have Arrived!
Best 2023 Smartwatches 2023

Best 2023 Smartwatches 2023

New 2023 Smartwatches for Android
We are forever evolving and researching the best smartwatches for 2023 our customers. You all had fallen in love with the S2 smartwatch, and we must admit that customers are still emailing asking us to bring it back. What do you think?
Well, 2023 has been great and we've been staying abreast of new technology and the happenings within our industry. Our new android smartwatches are like no other.  Let's face it, you've been waiting to see the new product line. We know.
smartwatch for android
Keyo SE Smartwatch for Android or Apple
The new Android smartwatch is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and it's for men and women. The stylish design and feel of the watch is everything you've hoped for. I know that you've noticed that the watch looks similar to the Apple and that's because it's a modern, sleek design that has been updated from our sports model. We wanted more women to enjoy this watch because most of our customers have been men and the women have been asking for a different look. Now you have it so go shopping. By the way, shop that collection at Smartwatch Earbud Collection — Keyo & Co. (keyoandco.com).
The Android smartwatch for women or men boasts a larger screen, high quality graphics and more activity tracking capabilities. There are more than 16 exercise functions such as rowing, yoga, and more. Now, with the Keyo Smartwatch, you can add more notifications than ever before. Literally, almost any notification from an app in your phone, you will get. 
The Android smartwatch records all your daily workouts, measures your blood oxygen, tracks your sleep and so much more. You may check your text messages and even ask Siri or Google to make calls using your earbuds. Yes, earbuds, the best part. Many have wondered about the quality of the earbuds, if they work well, the sound, blah, blah, blah. 
The sound quality is great and is adjustable unless you need to clean the wax out of your ears. That's another story. The earbuds come with extra cushions and fit snug into your ear so they don't fall out. No one will really notice they are there. The best part about our smartwatch with earbuds is that you will never leave your earbuds at home as long as you are wearing this watch.
Smartwatch with Earbuds
There are so many benefits to wearing this watch. We noticed an increase in customers buying this watch for travel, especially on the plane, in the airport. Many people lose phones, earbuds, and even their suitcases at the airport. The is by far the best travel accessory for the plane. Think about it. You're on the plane and you need to connect your Bluetooth to watch a movie. Your watch is already connected to your phone so just pop the earbuds in and enjoy the movie. After, insert them back into your watch. It's really that simple.
Are the Earbuds Secure? Will They Fall Out?
NO!! We know some customers are concerned that the earbuds might fall out of the watch. It's not happening. We've had customers from three years ago that bought our S2 smartwatch order new earbuds this year. That's from three years ago. They never needed a new watch, just new earbuds after three years of having the smartwatch. We're not tooting our own horn but come on.  That's amazing. Partly on us and partly the customer for taking care of the smartwatch.
How Are They Stored and Charged?
The earbuds are stored securely and magnetically inside the port which also charges the watch. Yes, it charges the earbuds while they are in the port. Game changer, I know. Your earbuds will tell you when the battery gets low, it will peep. That means it's time to charge them. 
Is there an APP?
Yes, there is an app to download to record your fitness data and customize your notifications, and more. The app is free and if you don't want to use the app, you don't have to. You may use the earbuds without using the app as long as you have connected the Bluetooth. 
Who Can Use This Smartwatch?
Anyone that has Bluetooth on their phone can use this smartwatch. It's a smartwatch for Android users and Apple users. A manual comes with the smartwatch and it's an easy setup. All you do is connect your Bluetooth to the phone and connect the earbuds to the phone and go. 
At Work and Bored?
If you're at work and bored, pop in those earbuds and listen to your favorite songs or listen to a podcast, or YouTube.  As long as your phone is near you, within 10m, you will not have any connection issues. Leave it in your desk so no one knows. Make them think you are working hard but you're really jamming out to your favorite song.
Benefits of Our Smartwatch with Earbuds
1. For Android or Apple
2. Free Earbuds Storage
3. Never Leave Home W/O Earbuds
4. Earbuds Charge Inside Watch
5. Never Leave Your Earbuds at the Gym
6. No One Will Ever Know
7. Convenience
8. Keep Conversations Private While in the Car
9. Use This Watch While Working
10. They'll Be Jealous
11. Tired of Buying Earbuds for Your Kids
12. Grandparents Need This
13. Great for Travel
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