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  1. Are your Android smartwatches compatible with Apple phones?

          Yes, our Android smartwatches are compatible with iphones.                              Please check the details of each watch for the version.

      2. Does the Android smartwatch work with any carrier?

          As long as your phone has Bluetooth connectivity, you may use our                    smartwatches.

      3. What are the best Android smartwatches?

          Our 2023 Keyo SE and Sport are the best Android smartwatches on the            market. 

      4. Do the earbuds fall out of the Android smartwatch?

          No, the earbuds are magnetically stored inside and do not fall out.

      5. Do you sell replacement earbuds for the smartwatches?

          Yes, we sell replacement earbuds for our smartwatches. 

      6. Which smartwatches are compatible with Android?

          All of our smartwatches are compatible with Android phones.

     7. Do I need to install an app?

         Yes, if you would like to receive notifications and customize the watch.               The app is free.

     8. How do I charge the earbuds in the smartwatch?

         The earbuds charge whenever they are inserted back into the port on the           smartwatch. 

    9.  Is this a great smartwatch for teenagers?

         Yes, this watch is great for teenager because earbuds are a combo deal.            No need to worry about kids losing their earbuds. It's saves time and                  money.

  10. Is this a good smartwatch for seniors?

        Yes, this watch is great for seniors since they don't have to get up to                  answer the phone or read text messages.

  11. How soon will I receive my products? 

        Please refer to our Shipping Policy.

  12. Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

        Yes, we ship with USPS to P.O. Boxes.

   13. What are the payment options?

         Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Debit, Credit, and Shop Pay 

    14. Do you accept returns?

          Yes, please refer to our Returns Policy. 

    15. Where are the reviews?

          Reviews are up to the customers to write. Please scroll down further                  under the product descriptions.

    16. Do you provide tech support for troubleshooting?

          Yes, we provide tech support for all products on our site. Our technicians            are trained to resolve your issues.  Please contact us if you are                          experiencing issues with your purchase. 

   17. What smartwatches can make phone calls. 

        With the Keyo Sport Smartwatch, you can make calls as long as your                Bluetooth is connected to the watch. 

  18. Can you take a phone call on a smartwatch?

        Yes, as long as your answer the call via your earbuds and accept the call,          you may take the call with your smartwatch. Bluetooth must be connected.