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Pickleball Paddle USAPA Approved

Original price $69.00 - Original price $69.00
Original price $69.00
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  • USAPA approve Pickleball Paddles


  • Premium quality paddle is set is designed with unique fiberglass or carbon fiber¬† and polypropylene honeycomb core technology. Provides exceptional power and control. Polypropylene honeycomb technology reduces vibration and achieves stable speed, resulting in optimal ball strike feel. The fiberglass surface provides excellent rotational performance.


  • Pickleball Grip set is designed to be perforated, sweat absorbent, and cushioned. It can help users better grasp the grip and provide cushioning.


  • Lightweight and great Pickleball paddles for beginners, intermediates and professional players. Paddle weighs 7.05 ounces which puts it in the medium weight range.


  • Complete Pickleball Sets include 2 Pickleball paddles, 2 balls