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Best Smartwatch for Android & iOS for Men or Women

Best Smartwatch for Android & iOS for Men or Women


Android smartwatch

Android Smartwatch Earbud Combo

For years many of us have been wearing the same android smartwatch and never think to upgrade to a better watch.  Quite frankly, many hate the thought of having to spend money on expensive watches.  I get it.  Now is the time to do so, especially, with automation, convenience, and improvements in technology. Android smartwatches are the way to go!

There's been an ongoing fight between who's better at developing unique technology for smartwatches, Apple or Android. As we know, the more benefits to the watch, the more costly it is. We understand and you should too; however, no one really wants to spend a $1,000 on a smartwatch that will be on your wrist, might get lost, cracked, or else. That's a lot of money and if you are thinking about spending that much, it better be worth it. 

Android smartwatches with earbuds are changing the game. Have you ordered yours yet? If not, why? You're scared you're going to love it and it'll replace what you have. Fear not, just at it to your collection. 

smartwatch with earbuds

Best Android Smartwatch

We've thought about the perfect combination for a watch and earbuds, and we were the first to market with this product in the US. You're probably thinking how weird it must have been to think of that or how would it be possible. If you think about it, adding earbuds to a watch is almost normal now. Not many people know about these watches but when they find out, game over.

Our android watches allow you to enjoy the convenience of answer your calls on the go whether you are driving, holding a baby, eating, etc. It's all about convenience and that's what our smartwatch provides. Some of you are probably asking about the different features that other companies might have. We all want to be able to manage our health and fitness; therefore, our smartwatch tracks your health with different sport modes, fitness trackers, and blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate.  These are some of the important features that people are now starting to pay attention to. 

Benefits  - Android Smartwatch

There are so many secrets wrapped up in the combination android smartwatch that I can't wait to share. I'm speaking of the Keyo S2 smartwatch that comes in all black or black with a gold case. Durability is the name of the game. No need to worry about cracking the face or the wristband becoming weak. Oh, and the best part about this smartwatch that gives me goosebumps are the earbuds. Yes, they are Bluetooth 5.0 that are noise cancelling and you may also adjust the sound by tapping the earbud. It's sensitive to touch and at your command, will disconnect the call, increase the volume and more.

So, you are probably wondering how the heck do the earbuds stay connected to the watch? You also are wondering if they fall out. The answer is no, no, no, no.  The earbuds are connected magnetically to the watch and do not fall out. Well, unless you are the careless one knocking the watch up against a wall trying to break it. But really, all you have to do is pop them inside the watch after each use to keep them charged.  As long as the watch is charged, the earbuds are charged. That's right. They charge inside the watch. No need for an additional charging station just for earbuds. The best part is that the earbuds are stored there, forever, which means, no one will ever know. Don't worry about any one stealing your earbuds or even knowing you have earbuds inside your android watch. 

Think about it...Have you ever forgotten your earbuds in your bag or at home and then the charger? No need to worry about that with the Keyo S2 smartwatch. Oh, you're also probably wondering if it works with your phone. Yes, most likely.  The Keyo S2 smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS phones. You may check your instant text messages, social media messages and other notifications. The watch face is customizable so you may add a picture of your choosing.

android smartwatch for men

Now be careful, don't let this watch soak in water. Do not shower with it or go swimming. We are working on a watch for that. However, do clean the earbuds and port often to maintain the sound quality of the watch. Yes, we do sell additional earbuds if needed.  Also, you don't have to pay an arm and leg for a smartwatch and separate earbuds.  This smartwatch combo is one you have never seen. With Bluetooth calling and bluetooth music, you can't go wrong with the Keyo S2 smartwatch. 

Who's This For?

Great question. Anyone that is an early adopter of technology, loves new smartwatches, need convenience, tired of losing earbuds or just is excited as we are about not having to spend so much money to get everything they need. We've noticed that many people choose to buy this watch for their parents as well because parents are too busy to keep up with a smartwatch charger, the earbuds and whatever else comes with it.  Think about saving time and money when shopping for a smartwatch for your Android & Apple phone.

Parents - this watch is the best thing since sliced bread. Really, it's great for kids that lose things and it's great for parents that seem forgetful, tired, and need a break. Not only is it great for parents, it's for men or women. This fitness smartwatch is great for working out, hiking, and any outdoor activities.

Ladies - if you gift your boyfriend or husbands this watch, they will never forget you. I mean, how could they? It's on their wrist. This is one of our best sellers that has truly changed the way we live. Don't get left behind.

Order your android smartwatch today!

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